Hello Fall

Happy first day of Fall. This is absolutely my favorite season the food, the high school, college and professional football. Fall also means hoodie & sweater weather also seeing leaves begin to change colors and start to fall followed by the cool crisp air.

My favorite memories of past years about fall is days of brisk chilly winds, picking apples and going to the pumpkin patch with the colorful leaves on the ground are connected in my mind to happy events in the fall. One of my most favorite things is to wrap up in a blanket (while wearing my comfy jeans and soft sweater), with a steaming cup of hot tea in hand, and grab a favorite book. Two hours like this is a luxury when I get the chance.

Fall decorating is also my thing to do. I have pretty much spent a lot at several stores getting ready for the fall season. Some of my favorite stores for fall decor is Hobby Lobby, Gabe’s and of course Dollar Tree, don’t sleep on Dollar Tree they have great decorations that you can mix and mix other decor from other stores. And I also found the strawberry candy that my grandmother and old church mothers would have on standby for the kids at church which are my oldie but goodies in my office now.

I adore fall food. After a summer of eating light foods to help deal with the heat, we can finally enjoy the tasty rich stews, hearty hot meals, crisp apples (made into simple caramel apples?), custardy pies, and steaming cups of hot cocoa, coffee and tea. Can’t forget the warm bourbon infused teas.In other words, comfort food. In many ways, comfort is what the fall is all about for me.