Self Care Sunday’s

The past couple of weeks has been beyond stressful for myself and so many others this week so many people didn’t make it through this week. Millions everywhere are trying to dodge the many strains of covid on top of that us in the black community still have to be worried about making it home and also not encountering a “Karen or Mr Karen” it’s crazy stressful everyday just waking up walking out in the world just to do regular things. So if we make it to the end of the week it is so good to practice self care to prepare for the following week.

When stress increases, self-care decreases. Adding self-care strategies into your life can make a serious impact on your life.

Say 3 affirmations before you walk or login into a tough meeting.

Experiment in the kitchen with a favorite food you always wanted to try to make.

Go somewhere beautiful outdoors, sit in the sunshine and get your Vitamin D. (please wear your mask)

Put your feet in a bath of epsom salt as you watch your favorite TV show.

Engage a passion, like painting, playing piano or dancing.

Practice deep breathing.
Listen to soothing music. Practice gentle stretching to release tight muscles.

Write a gratitude list.

Paint your nails or get a manicure.

Try making batch of your favorite cookies or some of your go-to foods you enjoy making.

Do a crossword puzzle or read (brain health).

Cut veggies up and have them in the fridge so you have easy and quick access.
Write a bucket list.

Plan your next vacation.

Download and listen to a podcast for your commute.

Have conversations with your loved ones about how they can best support you.

Spend time with the energy makers in your life and less time with the energy takers.

Find a fulfilling breakfast that makes you feel great.

Celebrate your small successes with your friends just please be careful while enjoying your friends it’s still a pandemic out.