Life is hard to comprehend. Sometimes it’s smooth. Sometimes it’s rough. Sometimes things are good and sometimes things don’t go as planned, and nothing seems to work in our favor. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. Sometimes you can’t wait for the morning, and yet, sometimes you just don’t even feel like getting out of bed! In all these situations, what is the single reason that can keep you going? If you have a reason so strong enough to keep you going, nothing can stop you! Remember that, things may happen around you, and things may happen to you. But what matters is, what happens inside you!

Believe it or not, there is a divine purpose for your life. Look at you closely. You are unique, fearfully and wonderfully made! I don’t think any of us came to this world with all these amazing talents and gifts only to live an empty life!
Make a decision and a conscious effort to live up to your greatest potential! You are in the driver’s seat, the captain of your ship. Decide which direction you want to go with your life. You deserve better! And you can do it!!!!