Holiday Self Care 2020

Plan something special just for you during the holidays. Create space to enjoy the simple things you love about the holidays. I know this has been a very stressful year and I am trying to do my best to have some kind of holiday normalcy during this pandemic. I am making a personalized list of things I love to do this time of the year even if it’s around the house or taking a drive to look at holiday decorations/lights and you can do the same just make a list or you can do holiday affirmations leading up to Christmas. I am thinking of making individual videos to send to members of my family since we can’t be together and doing a very special one for my grandkids.

Even though we are in a pandemic I am still decorating for the holidays, there’s something about the lights of our Christmas tree at night that invite in a sense of stillness for me. I love to simply sit in the living room with just the lights of the tree on while I drink a cup of coffee/hot chocolate/tea. I breathe and try to let my thoughts rest as much as I can. When my thoughts are really restless, I’ll stand at the tree and look at the new ornaments that represent our family and how we are creating new family traditions. Even though I am missing Christmas with my mother/sister/niece and my other family which sucks but my creativity for the holidays along with my husband’s family beautiful ornaments passed down to us is a blessing and absolutely wonderful.

I love candles! When it starts to get dark so early, I begin to light candles, when I light them, I say a little blessing of gratitude for something that happened during my day. This pushes me to really notice the positives from the day during this crazy time in the world. When I blow the candles out I say blessings of protection and love for my family & friends. My current favorites scented holiday candles are Christmas cookie & cranberry. 

I’m one of those people who loves holiday music, lol, I even started listening to my playlist this year right after Halloween, but even if you aren’t a huge fan of Christmas music, there is probably at least one album out there that makes you smile. But the one song by Nat King Cole “The Christmas Song” and “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” by Frank Sinatra always brings a wave of nostalgia that feels like home to me. I enjoy several Christmas songs from Temptations “Silent Night” to Beyonce but Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra is what my sister & I listened to growing up. Create a holiday playlist for yourself that relaxes you to escape from the holiday madness.

I have a new favorite Christmas album thing year which is Anthony Hamilton his voice is just soothing and he also has a few duets on the album too.

You are allowed to feel all the feelings you want to feel. This time of year can bring up so much. From expectations to past hurts to hopes that this year your family won’t talk about (fill in your own family’s story here) to wishing your kids would all smile for the photo to missing loved ones. There’s a lot of feelings swirling. Try not to judge the feelings that are coming up for you. Let yourself feel them. Yes, you are allowed to feel sad. And yes, honey, you are allowed to feel happy and all the other things in between. You can even feel conflicting things at the same time. You get to choose. You can dwell. Or you can create your own experience this year. It might be hard to see that, but the choice is there for all of us.

The best way to put things in perspective is to take a few moments everyday to reflect on what you’re grateful for. Think of all the amazing people, places and things that you have in your life. There are people who have much less, so don’t get too worked up over the little things and do something kind for yourself during the holiday season. It’s all about self-care and letting things go every once in awhile.