Staying True To Yourself

You are not what people think or say you are. You are not other people’s opinion. You are you! And you owe your life to you. So, stop trying to please everybody with your life. That is dangerous. The truth is some people don’t even care what is happening to you. They don’t know your past, they don’t even know how far you have come! And they will never understand you. Listen to the sound of the music in your heart and dance to it’s rhythm. Be yourself because life is too short to waste it living someone else’s life. You can do it.

Today’s affirmations:

Inside me lies a great reservoir of calmness.

I discover peace in those around me and respond to them with peace.

Exhaling, I let my shoulders drop and become utterly relaxed.

I let go of anxiety and embrace calm.

I can easily shift my heart to feel peace.

My need to feel calm is being fully met.