My Community: Black Lives Matter

So I decided to go ahead and do a post about what has been going on in the black community and the deaths at the hands of law enforcement.

First I am very angry, I have cried so much during this period, stressed because I worry about my black husband, my black children and my black grandkids. I have witnessed so much slander towards the black community because we just simply want them to stop killing our family & friends. Breona Taylor did not deserve to die the way she did and for them to try and put her murder on her boyfriend was the ultimate trash move. Even though they did release him and drop the charges but they are still at fault and no one has been charged with her murder because that is exactly what it was. Breona’s situation is so scary for us in the black community because they can just come in unannounced and then they were trying to serve a warrant to the wrong house oh and by the way the person they were looking for was already in custody. So again this scenario happens way too many times in the black community and nothing is ever done about it, no jobs lost or anything just “oh we made a mistake” and we just have to deal.

Now George Floyd murder callous and the killer looked into the camera as people were pleading with him to get off of him and even another person who is also being charged now told him to turn George Floyd over and the killer said no while keeping his body weight on George Floyd’s neck. Now what really hurt me the most is that George Floyd called for his mother but once I found out his mother passed away 2 years ago oh man that hit me in my stomach. The person assumed George Floyd had counterfeit money but come to find out it wasn’t so George Floyd died for no reason. To make things worse the leader of this country seems to be inciting more violence rather than trying to calm things down.

The protests worldwide has been amazing to see that other countries see our pain in the Black Community and see that we are being killed like our lives mean absolutely nothing.

Protests from around the world:

I am constantly seeing blatant police brutality with the people trying to get home from work in New York and they getting beat just to make it home. There have been more killings since all of this happened.

The black community is on alert from the time we are born until the time we leave this earth. We are tired, we are afraid for our lives and our family lives. They charged the other 3 officers in George Floyd’s death but I won’t be satisfied unless they are convicted and sent to jail. Breona Taylor’s killers are still free and able to be with their families but we are hoping for justice in her case.

Here is video of all of the unarmed black people killed by law enforcement.