Working From Home During A Pandemic

So this coronavirus pandemic has shaken things up here in the United States for everyone. It has forced millions to work from home and now also having to create a curriculum for school kids also while having to work from home. Currently they are saying this could possibly last up until July or August. We will get through this with a lot of hard work from everyone. The stores have been very chaotic. So please be careful everyone get what you need and save some for others.

I am currently working from home and I really don’t mind to be honest, this is an introverts happy dream.

I already had my office set up because there would be some days I would work from home before the coronavirus pandemic happened. I had to get more copying paper, more ink for the printer and plenty of sticky notes. Here are some ways you can set up your office space you have at home:

Set up a space that you can call your home office. Make this an area where you can be productive and separate from your private life.

Important to set your working hours. If you work a particular set of hours in office, you might want to start by replicating that. If it is 9am in office every day, make it a habit to be logged in and working from 9am even during work from home days. Everyone’s schedule may vary when working from home, so do the best schedule for your position. Remember to take breaks to exhale and eat lunch or have snacks. Stay hydrated.

**Also get a great music playlist while working from home.

My pantry was already pretty much stocked up with the basic essentials so we just really had to buy more meat products (seasoned meats sealed them up) makes the meal prep very easy just pull out pre sealed meat for certain days to cook for a particular meal.

Ginger tea is my best friend right now. Really good for your immune system. Of course water is a must to have. We also have plenty of organic juices we drink soda occasionally we did stock up on Canada Dry Ginger Ale and also Ginger Ale Bold. Ginger Ale Bold can also be used to make cocktails.

Also we have plenty of snacks. We did half in junk food snacks and half of healthy snacks….balance lol.

Already had the Purell large hand sanitizer but we also have 70% isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera gel mix together and you can make several bottles to have in each room of you house. If you can’t find these two items at Walmart they are at Dollar Tree, CVS and Walgreens. I would definitely try the pharmacy stores before going to Walmart.

Here is a link on how to make your own hand sanitizer:

Don’t forget to exercise, also go out in your backyard, porch or balcony get some fresh air.