Fear Of Rejection

Fear of rejection can be paralyzing for so many in their jobs, in their daily lives especially entrepreneurs, and in most cases people give up on their dream and go back to doing what is familiar.

Instead of allowing others/society to define and determine who you are and levels of your worth, look at rejection as part of one performance, not as a turn-down of the performer. It may be very hard at first but brush it off get back out there and do you have to do so you can get where your destined to be.


1. I choose to free myself from the fear of rejection.

2. My desire to be a successful entrepreneur is stronger than my fear of rejection.

3. I know that rejection is included in the formula for entrepreneurial success.

4. I am free from the fear of rejection.

5. I accept that people have the right to say no to my product and services.

6. A no to my product or service motivates me more and makes me feel even more committed to the success of my business.

7. I courageously ask for help to grow my business.

8. I am rejection proof.

9. I now release myself from the fear of rejection.

10. I possess what it takes to overcome my fear of rejection.

11. I choose to take consistent, persistent action to grow my business in spite of my fear of rejection.

12. I remain confident and courageous even though I might be rejected.