Racism Of Course

Racist foolery has been in high gear this past week and honestly the random 911 calls for the most outrageous things which has seem to become the white woman’s weapon which could lead to a black persons death.

Here are a few incidents that has happened before I get into this past week:

*Black Men at Starbucks – white woman calls cops

*Black woman at Waffle House – white woman calls cops

*Black man – Waffle House again called on a young black male in N.C.

Let’s start with the first foolery of this past week.

White woman called the police on a black man and his friends because they were legally getting ready to BBQ but of course she couldn’t just keep walking and let it be oh no in true white woman fashion she decides herself that it is against the law for then to have charcoal grill which is a lie…but if you haven’t seen the full video here it goes

By the way kudos to the white ally who trolled her right back up until the charcoal lady decided to be thief. The end of the video is what really pissed me off, she waits until she is in the presence of the officers to breakdown and cry, after she lied about being assaulted. Again this could have turned deadly because she is a white woman with tears lying on innocent black people.

Also the black men were not charged or given a citation on anything. It was legally okay for them to BBQ using their charcoal grill in the park.

Next, let’s travel to Yale University where they say everyone is welcomed but breeds racism throughout the campus.

Sarah Braasch thought it was a good idea to call the police on a black grad sleeping in a dorm common room and this is not the first time she has felt the need to call police several times on black students attending Yale University. This student opened her dorm room to prove she belong there and even then she was still questioned and the officer told her that:

“We’re the police…We determine who’s allowed to be here, and who’s not allowed to be here, regardless of whether you feel you’re allowed to be here or not.”

The student showed her Yale ID, pays tuition, and was in possession of keys to her room but still she was treated like a criminal.

I am not the one to say “white people please stop calling the police” Nope. What I will say is this, leave us the hell alone. We don’t bother y’all, we don’t care what y’all have going on. We just want to live our life and enjoy are family and friends. We go through so much yes we do go through a lot being black in America. Now for some reason white people seem to be getting off on this bullshit, are you that bored with your lives that “hey I’m going to call the police because black people are breathing” and no black people are not overreacting there are some evil white people who love to see cops assaulting black people because they know will when white tears are shed.

So as we go forward into another week people are wondering if this will happen again and my answer is yes, because white people just don’t know how to leave black people alone in peace.

Just pray and hope police don’t get called on white people with outlandish stories and trust with the past receipts with the mass shootings the police could take that to heart and come prepared. Just be careful white people of the game that could easily backfire.