Words: Harmful or Helpful

I used to be a very vocal person and would speak without thinking, I didn’t care how things were said just as long as the person got my point of view and mine only. I was known in my family as the cobra who didn’t take anything from anybody, yes it was good sometimes it came in handy but as I look back on it it was very hurtful. I didn’t realize how hurtful it was to people until somebody gave me a dose of my own medicine and I was ready to fight back literally and with words also too. Learned that you can get your point across without being so mean to the point that it crushes people in a bad way. Sometimes I still have to catch myself, no one is perfect but each day I learn how to say things more helpful for each situation.
Words are powerful. Depending on how you choose them, you can hurt people or soothe them, break a heart or mend one, unite or tear apart. Many have fallen from grace to grass and many have risen from rags to riches because of how they choose their words. Many people have lost great opportunities because their words cost them those needed opportunities. You may have the right to say what you want, how you want and where you want. But no one ever got the right to determine how people’s feelings should be affected by their words. Which is why I say: choose your words carefully and use them wisely. You can do it.

We forget, often, that negativity hides in the words we say to ourselves and to others everyday. Imagine that you wake up on a cold winter morning. It’s a Monday. You have to go to work. There is snow on the ground outside. You climb out of bed; rush through the chilled air of your bedroom to the bathroom, where you turn on the shower. You discover that there is no hot water. You curse your situation. You grumble to yourself. You think angry thoughts about your kids, who showered for too long, or your neighbors who used all of the building’s water, or the maintenance person who said the water heater was fixed. From that point forward, your day might not go so well, and all because you used language and words that made an inconvenient situation into an irreconcilable one.
Take time to filter your thoughts before you speak them. Eliminate the thoughts that will bring you nothing but negative feelings and trouble. Speak words that make you feel loving, as they will create a better life and relationships, and people won’t be too afraid to come to you because they know you can still get a point across but it won’t be received in such a harsh way.