Thursday Motivation

We all have been through a lot! Maybe it’s business failure or broken relationship or job loss or sickness or loss of someone dear to you or just maybe, someone has smashed your heart into pieces in a way that has left you totally devastated. You have every reason to be sad. And cry when you have to. Let the tears flow! Who can blame you? Cry off the pain! It will make you feel better. No one can blame you. You are only human. But when the tears are over, I want you to know that you are still here! You didn’t die. That means you are stronger than whatever it is that happened to you. So, learn from it and move on. The thing about life is, it goes on!


I give thanks that:
No matter how bleak life feels, there is a purpose and life still goes on!
Life goes on; I pick myself up and start all over again!
Life goes on to brighter days. The storms don’t last forever!

End your affirmations by saying:

“I give thanks that this or something better is in the Divine flow of my life and is manifesting perfectly for me now.”