Open Heart Surgery: My Experience

Well it has been six months since my open heart surgery and what a time it has been. I am still going through the motions of recovery but I am here to tell about it.

So it happened a week after my birthday in September of last year. All that day my chest was hurting and everyone was like “go to hospital” but I was like no I was going lay down and sleep it off. My husband went to work and I went to sleep for 30 minutes finally I sat straight up and said to myself “go to hospital now”. Now of course I really thought it was bad heartburn and yes I was already taking medicine for high blood pressure so I figured it would be an easy visit to the hospital…….WRONG. I decided to drive and then even though my husband was at work he said come get me so I can just drive you so I did but the special part of me was like no I can drive when he was saying baby let me drive and I shake my head till this very moment because it could have been bad. So I get to hospital and they told me “ma’am you were having a heart attack while driving here” my thoughts went from so so to frantic real quick

I still tear up at that moment because I was literally on my way out of here and didn’t realize it. All I thought it was just some regular chest pains I had before when my pressure would be up. So if course like a fool I asked the doctor after several hours and multiple tests, when was I going home……the doctor literally at me like this

“Ma’am you won’t be going home anytime soon” and promptly invited a few other doctors to tell me I would be having open heart surgery. There were no options given. That was it.

As I was admitted into the hospital every kind of fear began racing through my mind about everything my kids, my husband. I had to try to keep calm because my daughter has seizures a lot and especially at times it can be brought on by stress. My husband kept his poker face on even though I saw the same scared look in his eyes because we have been through so much together but this right here we were not prepared for.

The morning of the surgery I cried inside trying to keep calm as I was being prepped at 4 in the morning for surgery. I never had surgery besides getting my tubes tied. I don’t know what they gave me but the last thing the I remember is the anesthesiologist telling me a joke to ease my mind and then I woke up with a tube in my throat.

Let me tell y’all something this is a different kind of pain. I would rather have a kid again rather than to experience that kind of pain. But the 20 doctors and nurses I had who helped me through everything. I was what you call a special case because I was the youngest they ever had to do this for in this hospital so every little detail was handled with such care but I know I will be a case they discuss in their future training.

When I went home like I said the pain was horrible and I could only lay like I was in a hospital bed no leaning so my husband had to find special made pillows for my bed to prop me up in our bed. When I say this man was a nurse and the bad timing of my cycle coming on during this process

But guess what my husband is the best because he dealt with like a pro just like a paid nurse would do. I am FOREVER grateful him!

I have had to deal with depression from this surgery wondering would things be the same, could I do this or that. And yes I have a few visible scars on my upper chest and on my arm where they took a vein to place in my heart. So yeah it has been a battle and I’m still going through it daily because of the scared on my arm, my husband says “baby it is beautiful that is a scar of life to remind you of what could have happened, death” and I get what he is saying but for a woman any little imperfections can sometimes be triggering. So I have been trying lately to get pass it and do things that I can prevent it from being seen until I GET READY to show the world. Even though my primary doctor says the scar will fade away but it will take time. So I have been researching all types of things I can use on my surgical scars. My diet has changed I haven’t given up meat completely but I only eat it once a week more on a veggie diet now. So yes this surgery is hard to deal with but I am very blessed to be here to blog about it. I have my good days and I still for sure have my bad days when I get down about certain things. The best thing is never lost my appetite for sex and boy it is more aggressive than ever before (cackles).

So please if you feel something is not right with your body go to hospital or your doctor immediately. I learned the hard way.

I have a new appreciation for life since this happened and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest!