Saturday Morning Thoughts

Sometimes the door of our minds can be open to all sorts of trash to get in. We allow our minds to be filled with negative words, the words we hear, the words we read, and the words we speak to ourselves! They are toxic. It’s time to detoxify your mind. Stand guard at the door of your mind 24/7. Choose what gets in and what stays out.

Make every second of your life count. No more “buts.” There are seven days of the week. And “someday” is not one of them. Start now.

It is better to try and fail than living the rest of your life regretting the things you could have done but, you didn’t do! Don’t waste your time crying and complaining about your failures because, you may not have enough time to celebrate the success that’s coming your way.

Remember that your mind is a thought factory. It produces based on the raw materials you feed it. If you put in garbage, you get garbage. Let your thoughts create the reality that you want to see in your life!