The world is not going to coddle you so you have to go hard for what you want. If it were that easy, then everyone would be successful. And everyone would get to live their dreams. The road to success is one of difficulties, failures, pain, setbacks, criticisms, heartbreaks, rejection, etc.
But it is not these that stop a person from reaching their goals. It is one’s will, their level of persistence, resistance and determination that count. Challenges and obstacles only come to point us in the direction to get to our goals. The problem is that we allow these temporary setbacks to drown out our own inner voice, and to deny us of the opportunity to show the world how great and powerful we are!

You are powerful beyond measure. Don’t you ever say: “I could not have achieved my dream because of him or her or them.” Say “I did it because, they doubted me.”
Make 2018 your year of action and breakthroughs! Go get it done!