Leave It In 2017

Trying to please everyone
Fearing change

Comparing yourself to people on social media.

“Friends” who make you feel bad about yourself.

Food shaming.

Thinking that perfection = happiness.
Living in the past.
Being afraid to be different.
Beating yourself up over mistakes.
Sacrificing your happiness for others.
Thinking you’re not good enough.
Thinking you have no purpose.

Bring in 2018 with a fresh start, a sense of rejuvenation. Express your love, gratitude and appreciation to yourself first and to others.

Got it wrong this year? Don’t worry and move ahead as the New Year gives one more chance to get it right!

Forget the old, welcome the new! Let the bells of positiveness ring within you! Leave the path that leads the way, choose the path that creates the trail! Wishing you all a Happy New Year!