You Were Created To Be Loved And To Love

Never forget that you were created to be loved and to love. You must believe in your own goodness and love yourself more than anyone ever could love you! It’s really important. The principle is to teach others how they should treat you by the way you treat yourself! Do something good for yourself every day! If you want people to believe in you and to get more love from you, you must first believe in and love yourself more! Learn to spend some quality time with yourself. It’s necessary that every day you read and listen to powerful, positive, life-changing messages and associate yourself with people who will encourage and build your confidence to pursue your goals. Not the ones who will pull the ladder from beneath your feet and crash your dreams!

The problem is that too often love of oneself is seen as being selfish.

There is a huge difference between selfishness and practicing self-love. When you love yourself, you are your own best friend, and a best friend is always there to help, guide and be kind. In reality “being there” for yourself is a healthy way to live.

Making your own life a priority is not “selfish.” In order to give the most and the best that you can to others, you first must become your best. Happiness breeds energy, being miserable brings on anger.
When you start putting your needs and desires first, you can grow and develop as a healthy joyful person. This is the only way you will be able to help other people do the same in their lives.