My Treat On Recovery

So since my surgery, I have been eating a pretty good healthy diet. Now yes before surgery I would eat healthy but not as much as I should have but anyway like my diet has been healthy but this past weekend I was able to have a good treat for breakfast.

I had cheese grits, whole wheat waffles and scrambled eggs. Now my biggest treat was the cheese grits, everyone who knows me know that I love me some grits. Whole wheat waffles was actually pretty good never had them before but I also wouldn’t mind trying the multi grain waffles a friend of mine was telling me about “healthy with a dash of syrup” as she put it, lol. But I do look forward to when I can make me some shrimp & grits which is my fave!

I am very proud of myself on this journey as far as eating more healthy and not over doing it just because it tastes good. By the holidays I will be able to enjoy my regular goodies but smaller servings which is fine because I wasn’t a big person before but I did need to lose 30 pounds and the pounds havr been coming off and I’m very proud of that. I think about the healthy decisions I am wilfully making now that I should have been making before the surgery, but hey everything in life is a learning lesson and when know better you do better.