Check Yourself 

You know I understand people have disagreements with people every now & then but to have a disagreement with everyone around you including outsiders I think it is time to put yourself in time out and check yourself.

I went through a stage years ago where I argued with people and then I would do the blame game & pity party theatrics until you know what I had to check my damn self and check it good. I had unresolved issues in my life that I was very unhappy with and I would lash out at the very people who love me. So when I see others doing the same thing I have to excuse myself from that equation so they too can check themselves.
If people don’t check themselves realizing they may need to fix some things internally & they should also realize people in the world will not keep bending because they are having a bad time in their life, so it is best that you be cordial but keep it moving. They will always bring a chaotic spirit around until they get themselves in order.