How To Help Puerto Rico

How do we help hurricane victims throughout the Caribbean?
DONATE FUNDS (to organizations within affected regions):
United For Puerto Rico was launched by the First lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rosselló and private corporations to fund relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.
GoFundMe has launched a centralized hub for campaigns created to help those affected by Irma. To view the campaigns, click here:

CONTRIBUTE FOOD AND SUPPLIES (which you can drop off at local relief sites in your city or town).
Here’s How:
a. SEARCH: “Community Organizing Hurricane Relief for Caribbean” within your state/community.

b. Once you’ve located a help enter, request from them a list of needed supplies and clarify exactly where items will be delivered to.
For ideas of what is needed please review the following list:


Feminine hygiene products

Personal Care Kits: toothpaste, toothbrushes, tampons, soap, shampoo

Water Purification Tablets

Small Tents

Sleeping Bags

Canned Non-Perishable Foods

First Aid Kits


Hand Sanitizer



Water Filters

Canned Food

Protein Bars,


Baby Food

Baby Wipes

Baby FormulaDiapers (Baby and Adult)

Sanitary Napkins

Instant Oatmeal Packs

Instant Pancake Packs

Dog Food

Dog Pads

Paper Towels


Bar Soap

Flashlights (battery or solar powered)

Portable Radios



Emergency Kits

Portable Propane Stoves

Camping Showers

Small Fans (battery/solar powered)

Solar Cellphone Chargers

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito Repellent and Bug Spray

Trash Bags
This list will be updated frequently.