My Birthday, Politics and Sports

My weekend was awesome, I felt pretty good and I was not sick so I was able to celebrate my birthday. Spent most of the days with hubby and that was really all I needed but later we went to eat and I’m not hard person to please he know I wanted to a mac and cheese burger which I have been dying to try just have been waiting on the right place to try it at and it was delicious and the bacon aioli added to the burger was excellent.

Later we had a few drinks and yes the turn up for me was real but cute with my hubby and I, lol, he isn’t a drinker so he just had fun laughing at my expressions and thoughts about things while partaking my drink. I have to say I am blessed to make it to see my birthday, there was a time when all I wanted to do was turn up at the club or have a big group of people around but I genuinely enjoyed my birthday the way it was.

Yes I had a few friend to see me but I enjoyed the outing and the little turn up with my guy the most. Even though some nut had predicted the world would end on my birthday, lol, imagine that but anyway we are still here enduring the endless political and sports travesty this weekend also.

Meanwhile Puerto Rico

is without power and might I add 3 million people are there with no power is a dangerous things and people are acting like Puerto Rico is not apart of this country but someone can find time to mention that they owe wall street money as to sending aid to help just baffles me. How one can sit on twitter while supposedly running a country is just crazy.

While picking fights with the NFL that time could have used wisely to send aid to Puerto Rico but oh no someone wants to challenge the NFL on how to do their jobs and send out messages of firing people. Now I don’t recall anytime 44 never made those threats when people disrespected him

(Just one of many disrespectful things)
or his family or did not visit the white house. He knew that was their right to do come or not but he did not get on tv and bully anyone when it came to things like that or during the white house press did they ever call on the firing of people who did not like him, he simply kept doing what he could do which was his job as the president. People and their lack of memory on how 44 amazes me but they want complete respect for this man who has showm no one respect but only to himself. It is going come a day when this place will have to answer for a truck load atrocities that has happened in this country while having the nerve to say it was done in “God’s” name.