Mother’s Worst Nightmare: #KennekaJenkins

I first saw this story when my son shared this on facebook. My heart instantly sank as a mother because you never want to outlive your kid and the sadistic way #kennekajenkins died is horrifying because as a mother you would so helpless and hurt because people would disregard a young girl’s life the way they did in Chicago. Even when my daughter has her seizures I literally feel helpless so I can imagine how her mother may be feeling and that is the worst feeling in the world.

I am also surprised on how many men were blaming the victim on what happened to her. I often wonder who is raising the young men and how in their minds if they don’t get the acknowledgement that they want is cause for them to take and kill. I took this opportunity to speak with my son about this not just now but on the regular about young women and how not to be disrespectful towards them no matter if she does not respond to you in the manner you like, respect her saying no and move on, no explanation just move on. For me to hear this young boy’s mindset in the video “if girls would just lay there & give it up they wouldn’t be getting raped” and he is a young so just imagine him at 30 thinking the same exact way, it is very scary. We have to not only have discussions with our daughters but most definitely with our son’s, nephew’s because this is not the behavior or mindset thinking that we can just turn a blind eye to. I remember growing up the girl’s always had to dress a certain way, not act a certain way so we wouldn’t get “raped” but the boy’s were congratulated on their horrible boyish ways. So yes me as a parent I will drill this subject into his head daily because our black girl’s need to feel safe and protected.

Now let me hit on the subject of these so called “friends” of #kennekajenkins , I don’t understand how this much hatred for this young lady could have turned into a ser up leading to her death. I thank God for my friends 20+ the ones that I could honestly say I trust them with my life. Yes we partied even attended parties like this just not at a hotel, but NEVER would we leave each alone even when were not drinking because we stayed in eye distance of each other and it was always one just a steo behind if he wanted to chat and they did not know him. Seems to be a lot of frenemies going on and leading to deaths like it is a joke. So yes I treat my daughter and son the same, you don’t have friends you have each other, if my parents did not like my friend’s trust I eventually found out why. In my opinion which also shows in the text messages, they were never her friends.

“Jealousy releases anger and anger is the greatest and the ultimate enemy that can forever determine your judgement and ultimately withhold your destiny.”

I feel as whether we want to have this discussion, it is a must to talk to boys not just the girls about respecting everyone’s decision whether they like it or not. Not to put your hands on anyone. Be very careful boys/girls of the company you keep.

I pray that the entire truth comes out to help Kenneka Jenkins mother so she can heal and to be honest that may not happen anytime soon.

As far as everyone at that party, they all need to be locked up, because if it was my daughter yes lock then up, let them get counseling but behind bars.