Hurricane Irma

Hi everyone, glad and very thankful for today. Since last Friday it has been so draining and preparing for hurricane Irma. There were a lot of things to buy and have on hand before Irma made landfall.

Irma arrived in my area about 10 p.m. Sunday night and let me tell you the trees were moving and swaying to their own beat and rain/wind was crazy. Thankfully in my area we didn’t get any floods but we did have a lot of wind damage. I was without power for two days but when it came on, never have I been so grateful to cut my air and make me some coffee, lol.

They had every kind of organizations here wanting to help but others that I spoke would not let them or way past capacity. I also noticed online a lot of people were posting pictures of “concentration camp” style quarters at the local shelters provided by red cross. Never been to a shelter but the pictures were disturbing like the same images were coming out New Orleans and Houston. It is scary to think that people are coming to get help from natural disasters and being treated like criminals. Not to mention they closed shelters the next day when power had not been restored for most people. So most people went back home to dark houses with kids with no help. I certainly hope there are more agencies here locally that can help. I had to find help for a mother and her kids because her power is out but the kids are out of school until Monday but thank goodness a local agency helped place her and kids in a nice hotel until her power is restored. A lot of these national agencies which I have never used seemed not to be much but stay sending out donation cards in the mail or calling. I’m just saying organizations are not feeling like they are with the shit to be honest but that’s my opinion along with a few other thousand comments I have seen regarding these so called help agencies.

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