Hurricane Irma- Florida

So yes I am in Florida right in the path of #hurricaneirma with two others right behind it. I am very irritated because one people in other states have the audacity to question why aren’t people leaving quickly as possible. Well let me just say this, they started announcing it Monday so off course everyone went filled up tanks and purchased all the water they could so on Tuesday in my area gas was already gone.

People are fed up with others just thinking people can up and go as soon as the warning went out:

Their are people here who don’t have the finances to jump up and leave, some people haven’t got paid yet do there is an issue right there, there are people who can’t afford the airline prices when they were charging 1000+ a ticket. So here comes jet blue and american airlines who capped theirs at 99.00 but still there are people here who are on fixed incomes and have more than one or two chidren, sick family members who are unable to moved but people want to get online and judge people from the comfort of their state who is not under a hurricane watch. This is an unexpected expense that most don’t have because they are living pay check to paycheck paying 1000 or more in rent, utilities and other expenses to make it.

Be mindful of all of these things, before tweeting and posting a facebook status questioning “why don’t they just leave”. People don’t know if they will make it alive and if so also could lose everything they have worked hard for.

For my fellow Floridians who aren’t able to leave try and stay safe as you can, hugs and love.

Prayers for Antigua and Barbuda that was demolished and now Hurricane Jose is coming for them again to do more damage. Prayers for Houston, Corpus Christi and other surrounding areas that are trying to recover from Hurricane Harvey.