Politics and Self Care 

Today’s speech by the man at the white house has literally made my head hurt, I feel like… I don’t know what I feel anymore. Disgust. This is just plain crazy.

Sitting and watching him on tv giving his rant OMG. What did I just watch? He blamed the anti-racism protesters. Not the aggressors over the weekend.

Yes, racism has always existed in America. Yes we know that but he just basically gave the green light to those people who hate everyone else to keep the hate going.

Statues has nothing to do with it now!

Everyone tried to tell people this how it would play out, hell other countries warned also……Including this woman

has said from day one things would get awful day by day.
No one listened and now this is where we are now.

So this is where Self Care is needed for everyone.
Self-care is imperative in maintaining a healthy mental space for yourself.

Escape with a book. Take a break from news, news podcasts, social media and I love me some twitter but sometimes I delete the app so I won’t be tempted when I’m taking a break, and grab me a good book or invest in a few new ones.

Get some fresh air. Go for a walk, a run, or eat your lunch in outside and really appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.Take yourself out to a fabulous meal, alone. This can be dreadfully frightening but you will really begin to appreciate the food, your time, and your relationship with yourself much more.
Create a playlist of music that makes you smile, dance, or sing.
Add something healthy to your routine each day. Nurture Your Body. Treat yourself to that massage, facial, or scalp massage on your next hair appointment and let someone take care of you for a little while, you deserve it.
Activate Your Inner Child.

Something I do in a heartbeat, pull a cartoon or animated movie and just get lost.
Do what makes your inner child smile!!!

Silence the phone, tablets. Indulge in the moment and forget about the incoming call, text or email for as long as you can, turn off the breaking news alerts.

Laugh, draw, paint, build, cook, do something that activates your creative side. Having trouble? Get online and use Pintrest as inspiration.

Use the Nice Towels. Or the good china or bath salts whatever you have been “saving” for a special occasion. You are special and right now is the occasion to celebrate!!!!

Self care is not selfish in 2017 it is a must.

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