Inspiring Women Of Color

About a month ago I was feeling uninspired which had me feeling blah, it took me a few hours just to get going during the day but eventually I got enthused. I follow a few people on Facebook when I do venture there I am always blessed with a new post or video and Twitter, there are some very inspirational women that are very empowering with their tweets. I admire these women because they are so genuine in their words that most of the time it actually hits on the nail for me.
I’ve been inspired by the women on this list by their creativity, courage, and knowledge about life. They can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

@mayreignthepoet and also facebook May Reign

Crys Speaks on Facebook

I am pretty sure my list will grow but these women, you can feel the sincerity in their posts/tweets and videos, I pride myself on quality not quantity.