BET Awards 2017: My Recap

This year’s service was long and the reason I am calling it a service because it felt like church hours lol we didn’t get out until 12 a.m.

Well first off Mary J. Blige was looking fine as ever as Jamie Fox said the break up body but let’s discuss the hilarious drama first beginning with Safaree and Meek Mill, I still don’t understand the beef Meek Mill has with Safaree because she left him for Meek Mill needless to say they are acting a fool and she is riding Nas into to the sunset not thinking about either one lol. Now this drama with Joe Buddens and the Migos is just immature on Joe’s part because you are older and it is sad to say but the younger ones have been enjoying their accolades and trying not to go their with the older ones but they seem to be the bringing drama but anywho hopefully they will get past it.

Now my FAVORITE part of the awards was of course New Edition, they deserve everything right now and it was beautiful and nostalgic to watch them perform songs I grew up listening to. To me in my opinion they can be considered legendary in male R&B groups.

Chance gave an amazing speech and said what we all have been thinking about the legalization of weed but still locking up POC they are legally making money off of

Now #BestFemaleRapper went to my boo yes I love me some Remy Ma and loved her before she went to prison, anyone one who knows about Remy she went in at the time she was about to blow up and that brought Nicki Minaj to the front and center. Now don’t get me wrong some of Nicki’s music is tight but at the end of the day Remy Ma has always been my fave!!!!

But babyyyyy when she said this

I was laughing so hard and out done, at that moment BET church service was over for me!!!!